Business financing – loans for companies

Only for owners of micro, small and medium enterprises, looking for sources of financing for their activities.

If you are looking for the answer to the above question, it means that you are interested in either starting a business or its further development.

Unfortunately, you will not receive funds from the European Union, because your business and the company’s needs do not meet the formal requirements to obtain such assistance.

How to raise funds for enterprise development?

All you need to do is find another source of financing, for example a bank or non-bank loan / from various foundations /.
However, you do not know where and how to reach for money. You go from bank to bank, these in turn give you negative decisions.

After a few complex queries, your chances decrease to zero.
What to do to avoid unnecessary nerves and receive the desired funds? Where to get the money to make costs in November to avoid double taxation?
I would like to present the offer of my company which is focused on comprehensive financial services for natural persons and business entities.

As a long-term employee

Of the Loan and Credit bank, currently a Financial Advisor
having the Certificate of the European Federation of Financial Professionals, I often meet clients who after a few visits to banks either give up the search for loans or go to a loan broker who has no idea about any credit, let alone business. This intermediary is looking for another intermediary, etc., often this action fails.
So, if you ask my person to find a source of business financing, then you can expect from me:

  1. Full financial analysis of your company based on the documents provided,
  2. Finding a source of financing,
  3. Signing the loan agreement,

When contacting me, feel free to ask for all types of loans, including mortgages and car loans.

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