How the very first world war freed women's wardrobes

Posted by Admin on 15 May 2016


The Fashion and Freedom exhibit takes a look at the method clothing restricted women before the war and shows how lines and silhouettes unwinder during the dispute as women went into the work environment

There were lots of upsides to Britain s victory in the first world war most especially peace, albeit of a short-term sort, in Europe. Less frequently kept in mind is how the war liberated women from their corsets and full skirts when they were drafted into run the country while the men were dying in muddy ditches across northern France. After discovering that you can’t conduct a bus or create steel in a floor-length silk day dress very well with a complete bustle, these emancipating women began to try out far more useful clothing and hairstyles as they performed their new roles in society. For more detail about women fashion click here on chescadirect.


Why Men's Designer Clothing Are Actually Less Expensive Than Women's Versions of the Same Thing

Posted by Admin on 12 May 2016


If you’ve ever purchased a woman and believed the costs seemed crazier than regular, you're not just having a cheap minute. Opportunities are, the clothing are actually more expensive than exactly what you’re used to. Higher prices in the women s area can in some cases be chalked up to the materials used and the workmanship that goes into the clothing, but there are other factors that might be playing a part, too particularly if you’re eyeing the price of an easy sweater and not, state, an elaborate gown.

This week The Business of Fashion took a look at prices discrepancies in high-end brands and discovered that Saint Laurent, Valentino, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Balmain all sell identical products for different costs depending upon gender. A Saint Laurent removed sweater, for example, costs $240 less in the male’s section than the women’s area. In cases like this, when there's no significant distinction in the workmanship and materials utilized to develop the women s variation of the garment, there are really two things that could be occurring.


Cops: Parolee who went on robbery spree charged in Northbrook

Posted by Admin on 12 May 2016


Charges have been submitted in Northbrook against a 27-year-old man charged of dressing as a woman while going on a north suburban burglary spree earlier this month, just three days after he was released on parole.

Christopher A. Hornezes faces one count of felony heist, Northbrook police announced Friday.

A staff member told investigators he was in the back room of a business in the 300 block of Skokie Boulevard preparing to close business about 9 p.m. April 8 when Hornezes, using women s clothing, got in the room equipped with a knife, authorities stated.